Kitchen with Island Ideas
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18 Kitchen Island Ideas That Blend Style with Purpose

Equipping a kitchen with an island is a brilliant idea. Kitchen islands are great for expanding counter space, perfect as extra storage, not to mention that with additional seating can double its function into a social space. But these functional reasons become meaningless when you don’t even think about the aesthetic value. Often, kitchen islands are filling up space and taking a lot of attention. Choosing something that doesn’t suit your kitchen decor will only worsen the kitchen environment rather than being something that helps. That’s why this time we came up with 18 kitchen island ideas that blend style with purpose. The following kitchen islands design not only work well but can also be an amazing focal point.

Bring up Earthy Surface Tones

Kitchen with Island Ideas

Add more visual appeal to the kitchen by bringing out warm and aesthetic earthy materials. Like Roundhouse which uses wood and quartz as a surface, a great way to make a kitchen island look more luxurious and homely at one time.

Embed More SocialIZE Features

Kitchen Island Ideas
via: Houzz

With more social features, you don’t have to struggle to make your kitchen island look attractive. Seating and magazine racks are good enough to make everyone happy and comfortable. Being on the kitchen island accompany you while making preparations.

Let’s Make It Elegant

Marble Kitchen Island Ideas
Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group

Not only because it is one of the most beautiful materials available, using marble for kitchen islands is an investment because they are tough and durable. Cindy Aplanalp uses Calcutta marble for her kitchen island, and it not only looks elegant when used to entertain guests but is also convenient to use as a preparation area.

Add Seating

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas
FIXE design house

Adding seats can be a shortcut to save space, multiply the busy area into a social area, and let your friends get involved with what you are doing. Fixe Design house adds mid-century-style wooden stool seating to their modern kitchen island. And the results look slick like you see now.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Small Portable Kitchen Island
BlueWaterPictures- Photo: Dennis Anderson photographer

When you lack space, a small, flexible kitchen island with wheels may be more helpful than something with full features and additional seating.

Going Out Of Shape

Kitchen Island Ideas
Auhaus Architecture

No need to focus on basic shapes such as square, round, or rectangular, make your dream artsy shape to make kitchen islands look unique and attractive. Auhaus used an unusually shaped kitchen island that clearly separated cooking areas and seating.

Go Bold

Kitchen Island Ideas
TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

Choosing a kitchen island color that contrasts with its surroundings can be a shortcut to captivate the eye and make it an attractive focal point. No need to add a lot of social features, just complete the usability features and it has automatically become an amazing focal point.

Beige Bar

Kitchen Island Bar Ideas
Architectural Alliance Inc.

Some kitchen islands are designed to resemble other furniture that is usually used in the kitchen. Some are designed to resemble breakfast angles, sometimes they are also multiplied or extended into a kitchen table. Architectural Alliance Inc. chose another option and doubled the function of the kitchen island into a bar. And, it’s the perfect cozy place to chat while drinking a glass of mojito.

Uncover Catchy Things

Kitchen Island Ideas With Storage Boxes
Shelton Design//Build

Hiding kitchen utensils, herbs, vegetables or fruits in closed storage is good for making the kitchen always look neat but not necessarily making the kitchen look attractive. Shelton design/build has its own way of making transparent storage boxes to show catchy kitchen colors. You can use it to store fruits so the bold lemonade yellow color enlivens the kitchen, or spices so that there are many earthy tones associated with the kitchen appearing on one side of your kitchen island.

Multiply The Tones

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating
Mercury Mosaics and Tile

Inspired by the two-tone kitchen cabinet trend, you can also do it on your kitchen island. Mix and match lots of colors to make your kitchen island look more attractive, but be careful because pairing the wrong colors will ruin the kitchen atmosphere.

Mix The Style

Modern Rustic Extending Kitchen Island Ideas

The idea of a kitchen island with seating from that combines rustic and modern styles really inspired us to try to match other different styles. Yep! Create a unique kitchen atmosphere by mixing two different styles.

Concrete Chic

Concrete Countertops Kitchen Island Ideas

Often considered rough and lacking style, actually the concrete could be a simple material for making kitchen islands that are chic, which beyong common aesthetic, and great for heavy preparation. It can be shifted to a modern style, or add wooden stools for a chic industrial look.

Provide Hidden Features

Extendable Kitchen Island Ideas
The Sustainable Design Group

Busy Butcher Block

Portable Kitchen Island Ideas
Colin Cadle Photography

Eclectic And Eccentric

Eclectic Kitchen Island Ideas
Simon Maxwell Photography

Futuristic Form

Futuristic Chromed Kitchen Island Ideas
Australian Interior Design Awards

Do Smart Placements

Kitchen with Island Ideas
Light Culture Australia Pty Ltd

You can freely choose a tone or combine styles, but without a good placement everything is just in vain. Do the best placement, explore the odd spaces that can actually be used to place the kitchen island. At the very least, it won’t hurt the available space. Light Culture Australia utilizes the space above the stairs to become a comfortable kitchen island for any activity.

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